Teny iditra ancestors > Ancestors, power, and history in Madagascar
Sokajin-teny   anarana (lohatenin' boky na teatira)
Mpanoratra   Middleton Karen
Habeny   Takila: 360.
Fanoritsoritana   In this edited volume, regional specialists reassess the significance of ancestors for changing relations of power, emerging identities, and local historical consciousness.Case-studies include The Royal Bath of 1817 (Pier Larson), Succession in an Urbanized Sakalava Kingdom (Lesley Sharp), The Antankarala Ritual Cycle (Michael Lambek, Andrew Walsh), Nineteenth-Century Norwegian Missionary Culture (Karina Hestad Skeie), Sacrifice on the East Coast (Jennifer Cole), Violence among the Zafimaniry (Maurice Bloch), and Circumcision and Colonialism in the South (Karen Middleton).Three further chapters present original research on slavery, memory, and cultural politics in the Highlands (Sandra Evers, David Graeber, Françoise Raison-Jourde).
Tsanganana sy sary iray takila   Ny lohateny rehetra

the ancestors, or spirits of the ancients, lit. the ninth. [Richardson 1885]