Teny iditra German Diplomatic Documents 1871-1914
Sokajin-teny anarana (lohatenin' boky na seho an-tsehatra)
Zana-dohateny in four volumes -- selected and translated by E.T.S. Dugdale
Mpanoratra Dugdale E. T. S.
Fanonta printy 1922.
takila 45
... in case England thought it necessary to offer compensation to France, this should be sought not in Tunis, but in Madagascar
takila 191
... both the attitude of the Press and speeches by Ministers revealed extraordinary animosity against England on account of Egypt, Madagascar and, especially perhaps lately, Siam.
takila 274
As regarded Madagascar, England would give in as in most other questions in dispute between her and France. Only in Egypt could the British not draw back.
takila 276
Since the military forces in Algeria are at present occupied with Madagascar, the choice of this moment for an advance [against Tuat] can hardly be explained otherwise than that France fears an early change of Government and policy in England.
takila 392
Delagoa Bay and Lorenzo Marques are extremely important to France in view of her possession of Madagascar. If England owns the Bay, she can in two days with her ships seize Madagascar from the French, without the French Government's hearing a word of the seizure, for there is no cable communication between France and Madagascar.
takila 484
Lord Salisbury referred to Madagascar where the French had simply thrust aside the existing treaties with other Powers...
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