God. The word up to recent times was used in speaking of idols, charms, the deceased sovereigns, the reigning sovereign, anything valuable or wonderful; in these latter sense it seems equivalent to divine, supernatural, extraordinary, or surpassingly excellent. It is still so used in the more distant parts of the island, and among the unenlightened people of the central province even. It is said that the name was so given because while the body might not be seen, there was a fragrancy attending the name. See [Richardson 1885]
God [Hallanger 1973]
a god (sometimes used of the ancestors) [Hallanger 1973]
[nahary, past tense of mahary, to create.] God, the Creator of the universe. This word is the most universally used in speaking of God, and is used by all the tribes throughout the island. It is often combined with andriamanitra. See zanahary. [Richardson 1885]
the Creator, God [Hallanger 1973]
God, Jehovah, Lord [Baiboly]
more or less synonym of zanahary; a god, God [Hallanger 1973]
God, the Creator. Zanahary tsy fahan-draha: God cannot be resisted by anything. (Prov.) [Richardson 1885]
a god, a superior being; something great or prodigious [Hallanger 1973]
Zanahàry: God [Hallanger 1973]