[fanjava, the moon] moonlight (Prov.) see diavolana [Richardson 1885]
[volana, the moon] moonlight. The former part of this word is probably from an obsolete root dia meaning brightness, purity, light. Comp. dio, zava. [Ar. Zaha, luxit splenduit; Heb. and Chal. ziv, splendour; Sansk. root div and dio, luxit, splenduit, from which is the Lat. divus and dues, as well as Jupiter (Joris), and the greek Zeus (Dios), dialos-deelos and delos, bright. Also the angels. Tiv; Goth. tius (cf. the Eng. Tuesday); Old Norweg. tyr (pl. tivar, gods), and Old German Zio is the same word] [Richardson 1885]
moonlight [Hallanger 1973]