(Tamarindus Indica, Latina) atao hoe koa madilo na madiro na voamatony, na lamoty, ataon'ny Vazaha koa "prunier malgache". ( [Ravelojaona: Firaketana]
the tamarind tree. The Sakalava use a decoction or infusion of the leaves as a vermifuge and also for stomach disorders. They also obtain from the tree a black dye for silk. They think that the tree affords a dwelling-place for evil spirits, to propitiate which it is occasionally smeared with the blood of oxen. The fruit they use in the manufacture of rum, and the seed in working the sikidy, called by them sikily, probably from this kily. Tamarindus indica (Latin). Same as [Richardson 1885]
the tamarind tree; also called [Hallanger 1973]
tamarinier (Tamarindus indica) (s [...] [tohiny Rajaonarimanana 1995]
Tamarinde; Tamarindebaum [Bergenholtz 1991]
the tamarind tree [Richardson 1885]
tamarinier, tamarin. Tamarindus indica (Latin). Voyez [Abinal 1888]
tamarinier (Tamarindus indica) (s [...] [tohiny Rajaonarimanana 1995]
Anaran-javamaniry misy voany marikivy (Tamarindus) [Rajemisa 1985]
the tamarind tree. See [Richardson 1885]
the tamarind tree; also called [Hallanger 1973]