Teny iditra The Song of the Dodo
Sokajin-teny anarana (lohatenin' boky na seho an-tsehatra)
Zana-dohateny Island Biogeography in an Age of Extinctions
Mpanoratra Quammen David, 1996
Fanonta printy 1997. Simon & Schuster, New York.
takila 505
The indri, largest of all surviving lemurs, is also the most spectacularly peculiar. Its neck is long, its limbs are lanky, its eyes glow yellow brown in a gawky black jackal-like face. Its ears are smallish and round, like a koala's... it moves through the forest without touching the ground -- by making broad jumps from the trunk of one tree to another, sometimes twenty or twenty-five feet across gaps... The song of the indri is an unearthly sound. It carries through the forest for more than a mile... It has been said to be one of the loudest noises made by any living creature. It's a sliding howl, eerie but beautiful, like a cross between the call of the humpback whale and a saxophone riff by Charlie Parker.
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